01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001

The title seems completely wrong being only zeros and ones, but in reality, the title is correct. The topic we will be talking about is binary. Binary is a simple number system called base 2. We put binary into an eight-bit system, so for every letter, we will see eight numbers. these numbers are only allowed to be a zero or a one. When we do the math we see that the place value is similar to our base 10 system. We see that our own base 10 system has ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. Whereas we see in binary we see that we have ones, twos, four, eight, all the way to a 128th placement. When you count in binary you use a zero as an off sign and a one as an on sign. Binary is used in many everyday objects including radios, speakers, computers, cell phones, and even your everyday choices. The basis of binary is is a question that only has two answers being yes or no. so every day you could be using binary to answer simple questions such as would you like a chocolate or a maple donuts. you would make the maple a zero and the chocolate a one that way you could answer the question with binary. This is an example of using binary in your everyday life. Little people understand binary and how it works, but if you happen to be on a computer you can google “binary to text converter” to find out what the words are hidden beneath the mask of numbers.

This is one of many digital languages. We will be seeing lots of these languages appearing in the coming days as Yearbook joins the Media to try something for the school to join the media in an adventure. See whats coming!


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