Blood Drive!

It’s that time again to have another blood drive! St. Mary’s Bloodmobile will be at our school on the 27th of September. The blood drive will be from 8am-12:00 pm on the 14th of February or better known a Valentine’s Day!

Again, you have to be 16 years of age to be able to participate in the blood drive. If you wish to participate in this coming blood drive you will need to have a parental consent form, and before they have started the blood donation you will you will complete a short, confidential health information questionnaire. If you need one of these consent forms, go to Trey Downey’s room (106) and pick one up. To meet donation requirements you must not have been out of the country in the past six months, you also may not have had a tattoo or piercings in the past year.

By giving just one pint of blood can save lives! You are helping your community and people in need just by a little thing like this!

“I would do it if I was old enough, it’s a good cause I would like to contribute to.”- Bryan Bustos, Sophomore.

“I feel like it is a really good campaign, take a little blood from me and save someone’s life.”- Kameron Bull, Junior.

So, you see Warriors, it’s not all that scary to give blood. Once you get passed the needle, everything is easy. The thought of saving someone’s life by doing something little like this, it’s an amazing feeling.

If this is the first time you are giving blood, you are in good hands. Don’t be afraid to give blood, it could save someone’s life. By giving blood, you can save a family a huge tragedy, the littlest things are usually the most powerful things in the world.

Give back today Warriors, you never know how much it will mean to someone.


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