Central Vs. Junction

On Saturday September 2 at 7pm on a nice night to play football, with all the hype of the game Central High School geared up against Grand Junction High School in a football game. Central High School has not beat Grand Junction High School since 2008. Well the Warriors came out and played their hearts out and finally beat Grand Junction on their homecoming game. The Warriors defeated the Tigers 33-31, it was a close game and we had some fun and some good plays that put us up. Ej Barrera finished the game with 358 yards and 24 out of 38 passing with four of them being touchdowns. Ej did throw two interceptions but the Warriors defense stopped the Tigers just outside the red zone on fourth down. Five plays later, Barrera connected with Alton on a go route with a 53-yard touchdown. Even though Grand Junction did the Half time show it was still pretty lit, I’m sure everybody had a great time watching. We can all say that we were think about Trey Ehlers number 11 who was taking off the field on a stretcher from a horse-collar tackle at the start of the fourth quarter, cutting short a 20-yard completion. Shortly after the game we got news that he was leaving the hospital and he was ok. As well as Raul Fonsesca who tore his mcl and is most likely out for the rest of the year. It was a great game and I’m proud to be a Warrior after a win like that. Central high school football team put a lot of effort into practices as well as the game and they deserved the win. Even though Junction did pretty good as well, it was a fair game and I just want to congratulate our Warriors.


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