CMAS Scores Show Promising Improvement in District 51

The newly implemented Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) testing scores in District 51 were released on September 1st, 2016, and shows promise. Colorado students from third grade to ninth grade were given the standardized test. The in-depth analysis gave insight into standardized testing at both the state level and at the local level, within District 51. No definite results can be determined yet, as the test is still relatively new. CMAS is still a work in progress towards better education, but the scores reports has been reassuring. The test covers four major subjects; English language arts, math, science, and social studies. Improvement was seen all across the board in all subjects, especially in third and fourth grade English language arts and eighth grade math. New Emerson and Independence Academy ranked the highest in English language arts and math. While District 51 saw success in most areas, some schools’ scores fluctuated up and down, that is to be expected. CMAS results are pieces of a larger puzzle that contribute to improving student’s education all across the board. The emphasis has been to improve in areas that have been lacking in the past. The education system reflects on the data that is brought back, and instruction is furthermore revised and then given to teachers. Because the district had a lower participation rate than the state average, this could lead to lack of higher rates and scores. A factor that may be affecting the low participation numbers is a newly passed law that allows parents to “opt” their students out of the CMAS testing. District 51 hopes that the fresh performance based learning will entice students to improve testing scores. The main goal is to have students grow, perform well, and above all create a welcoming learning environment suited for every individual student.


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