Holiday Heroes

At Christmas time every year, everyone at Central High School comes together. We all tribute in donating clothes, canned food, toys, blankets and household items for people who are in need.

Any help from parents or community members is greatly appreciated if you have cans or food you would like to donate please feel free to drop it off in the office.

Any questions please call Trey Downey:

254-6200 ext 22222
or email

**Please do not donate any undergarments**

On Monday December 19th the event will take place. It is being held in the big gym from 7am to 5pm. Anyone is welcome to come and get anything they need.

We are trying to raise 3,500 cans for help filling our food pantry and also helping out with the Holiday Heroes project. We did our first collection of cans on Friday, December 2nd. We collected 87 cans.

Big appreciation to everyone involved including Trey Downey, Student Senate and to anyone who donates. By a little donation can help someone in need.


1) Tribe vs Tribe: The Tribe with the most cans gets 100pts added to their total score

2. Advisory vs Advisory: The advisory with the most cans gets a breakfast made by and provided by Student Senate.

3. Challenge from Staff: IF the students reach their goal and go beyond, the Administration has said they will lengthen the lunch of all students for two days by cancelling Advisory and adding that time to lunch. The dates will be in January.

We use the canned foods from the canned food drive in the Holiday Heroes project. What is not used in the Holiday Heroes, will be transferred to different locations.

Please donate and help us reach our goal of 3,500 cans donated. Anything will help.

Thank You Warriors!! Happy Holidays!

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