How The News is Made

Have you ever wondered how the news is made? A ton of work goes into the news every week, so much work that there are two different media classes, we switch off for the news every week. Filming is very important to the news it may not look that hard but it is always a new challenge, whether it’s the microphone not working or the buzz of the camera when it’s charging, sometimes it requires multiple takes to get it right. Editing is essential for the news, seamless transitions are what makes the segments go from one to the next.

Take it from Preston Whyte (sophomore),” It takes time to film each segment. For example doing Brady’s Bench it takes around 20-30 minutes because Brady has to go over his lines and we really push him to not stutter. From there the editing process is simple. Just dragging clips of Brady over and editing them enough to make him funny.”

The program that we use for editing is called Premier Pro. We edit everything we film, whether it’s perfect or not, we need lower thirds which are the bars that have information on them like the anchors names and what segment the anchor is our media classes we have designated people for editing and anchoring. It will be changed up throughout the year, so you won’t just see a couple of different people on the news it will be multiple people especially since there are two media classes.

Sometimes the segments that we film are thoroughly planned out and other times they are just put together as we go. Brady’s bench is usually planned by Brady but we help him to get his ideas together. For the last “episode” of Brady’s bench it took a whole class hour for Brady’s photo shoot, like I said before it takes a lot of effort to edit things but we were very grateful that we have people in our class that have had prior experience in editing photos and videos.

Ryan Larsen is a great example of prior experience. “Owning my own business as a freelance videographer gives me a surplus of experience when it comes to editing, filming, and all aspects of video productions. I use these skills when it comes to the news to help build our editing/filming team by showing them what media is really all about. Being in both media classes helps me to compare and build upon our mistakes as we go throughout media class this year”.

As you can probably see, the news is a lot of work for a ten minute video every week. If you are interested in taking media as a class, talk to Mr. Downey, to reserve a spot for next year’s media classes, there are lots of cool things you can do in this class, such as being an anchor, editor, or even a supervisor. We have a great time preparing every week to make the news it is a great class to be involved in.




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  1. I disagree, I hated that class. The class is full of cliques and a lot of people get left out. My friend is in that class, and she hates it too. If you’re “cool” then that class is fun. Otherwise you get left out, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing!

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