JROTC Zero Hour

As many of you know there is a JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) here at central. They do many things here at school and around the Grand Junction community. They help out with anything from parades to the Special Olympics, and anything else they can do. They even have clubs branched off from the main JROTC program. They have a fitness team known as the raider team, then the Marksman team, but today we are focusing on zero hour. Zero hour or Honor Battalion is an extra class for the JROTC cadets they can take before school. The class is based around competitive marching, and there are three main teams. With arms, without arms, and color guard. The one you may see at school events such as football games is the color guard. They present the American, Colorado and JROTC flags to represent the program and our school. The with arms team practices marching with decommissioned M1 grand rifles and the without arms team practices with nothing but have some complicated marching movements. They are all very different in how they march but all serve the same purpose, to represent Central High School. In or out of Grand Junction. All teams march in parades, like the Veterans Day parade coming up show the with arms team, color guard, and saber team. Zero Hour also goes outside of our town to compete against other JROTC marching teams. They compete in Denver and if possible Texas. If any Students would like to give JROTC a try, talk to Sergeant Pennington or Colonel Leblow in room 111.

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