Last Basketball Games of 2016-2017 School Year

On February 22nd, 2017 was the last game of the season. Unless Central does awesome and makes it to playoffs then there is a possibility of five or more games. The theme for the game is white out. We are playing against Broomfield. The game costs five dollars to get in and the money goes to CHASSA because it is a tournament. The game was very intense; neck to neck. The score ended with sixty-three to sixty-six and unfortunately central was not the winning team. There was so much hype in the gym that we for sure thought we were going to beat Broomfield.  There were amazing shots, steals, and assists from our team but CHS kept accidently fouling the other team and they won because of their free throws. Even though the basketball team just barely took a loss, they played amazing. Tons of people went and tons of money was raised. The central basketball team was so hard working and made it so far this season. The team was three points away from making the play offs. How many seniors were on the varsity boys team this year? There were eight seniors. What were the teams overall record for the year? Overall they had 16 wins and 8 losses. How did they rank according to the rest of the district? How has the ranking changed over the years? There is a not really for sure numbers but they have greatly improved and made it further than ever before. Are any of the seniors going to college to play basketball competitively? Most of the seniors might, but since the season just ended, there have not been any signings yet. Overall the season varsity boys had was amazing. The other teams did amazing but unfortunately, only varsity boys made it to the tournament.

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