Nonsense About Stress

At this point in the school year, stress is high for a very large amount of students at Central High School. Warrior Work Week is typically a time when the stress catches up to the students, all of the failure in their classes shows up in the form of a piece of paper telling them that they can’t leave school early. The obvious way a student would overcome this is by seeking help, doing homework, and paying attention, but it is sure easier said than done. For many, the cobra of stress in high school can creep up on them, latching it’s nail-like fangs into them before they even see it. You see, snakes, much like school, have many scales that allow them to camouflage in the desert, or jungle, wherever they may live. The biggest difference is that snakes don’t have legs, but stress has hundreds. Stress is like a venomous millipede.

Procrastination is a huge factor for students, always do they think that this time will be different, they won’t wait until Sunday night to finish their argumentative essay, but rather do the sensible thing and ration their plentiful hours. But, continuing on the common theme of comparing things to animals that are seemingly unrelated, procrastination is just like raccoons. I hate raccoons. Sunday looms its disgusting face and there you are stressing about your essay that could have been done much, much earlier. People blame the teachers, too. Admittedly, they really should let up on the homework, but they probably hate school even more than the students. It’s hard to imagine being responsible for an entire group of students, and the group changes every hour and a half, with a new four groups every other day. Not to mention the grading that they have to do. And that’s how you can decrease your stress level in school.

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