Phone Usage At School?

Throughout the tech savvy worlds, phones are a main part of everyone’s lives. Whether it be using it professionally or as a form of entertainment, cell phones are the focal point of many lives. All ages have been introduced to this new wave of cell phones from toddlers using their parents cell phones to help learn to elders using their cell phones for day to day lives. In the century that we live in, our lives seemingly revolve around our cellular lives. When students are brought into school the phone usage doesn’t stop their, whether the school allows it or not.

As a student there are many restrictions on our school lives such as what they wear to school, what we are allowed to do, and where you’re allowed to go. One restriction that really gets students is the cell phone usage in class. Cell phones aren’t allowed to be used in class although some teachers are more strict about it than others. In my experience, phones can help or hurt students based on who they are. Some kids have self control and know when to use it and others do the exact opposite and are practically glued to their phones. This is really hard for teachers to know whether to trust kids to even have students have their phones out on their desks. The phone usage at school is an issue that can help or hinder the whole class whether one kid spends too much time in class on their phones or its a group effort. As a teacher I can imagine this as one of the biggest problems as it both makes kids have lower attention spans and just not listen to what they’re teaching at all.

I talked to some people and they gave me their opinion on it.

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