Samsung Phones Catch Fire

Recently Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, released their new smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. However, they are now recalling 2.5 Million Note 7 phones after dozens of users complained about the phones bursting into flames while charging. Even though this problem only believed to affect 0.1% of all devices, and last week Samsung found only 24 phones to be defective, it still is a big issue and Samsung is doing all they can to fix this problem. They are reportedly coming out with a system update that will limit the phone’s charging capacity, but it hasn’t been said when that update will release, so authorities warn people not to use the device on planes, trains, or buses. Samsung urges people to power their phones down and replace them with a different phone as soon as possible. Originally the company said that it would take 2 weeks to prepare the recall but later announced Note 7 users in the U.S. can exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, starting next week. It will also refund the cost of Note 7-specific accessories. Target and Amazon have said that they have stopped selling the phone and are working with Samsung to replace the devices already sold in stores and online. Amazon and Best Buy have also said they are no longer selling the Note 7. Best Buy customers can return or exchange the phone if they already bought one.


This affects the students of Central High School because there are a lot of students with Samsung Phones, so there very well could be students with Note 7 phones, and with the risk of them spontaneously combusting, any student that has a Note 7 is somewhat at risk. Luckily, with the update hopefully coming soon, and the company offering different phones in replacement for the Note 7, this shouldn’t be a problem for much longer.

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