Simple Problems with Simple Solutions

What makes you annoyed when you walk around Central High School? Is it the profanity that you can’t get away from, or possibly the over the top restrictions on the school computers? Whatever it is, here are several annoyances that I have noticed as a Central student with simple solutions. I like to live next to the K.I.S.S. model. K.I.S.S. stands for “keep it simple stupid”. ¬†Although some things just can’t be solved with this method, why wouldn’t you use it when you can? If you don’t, you are just doing more work than necessary.

The first problem I notice all the time is students and their friends forming a line across the hall, and walking one direction. Then they usually wonder why people are pushing past them. Hopefully you don’t want to be one of those people so here is the solution: Wait until you are in a spot where you aren’t obstructing anything to clump together. That is all it takes. I’m not saying that it’s bad to talk to friends while going down the hall, but you shouldn’t take up more hallway than you need.

Next problem up is trash everywhere. You can’t seriously think that it looks good, and I know the custodians hate it. I understand that it isn’t your place, but come on. When you head over to a friends do you just throw your milk carton in their lawn? The solution is: Wait until you walk past any trash can and toss your trash in it. There are trash bins all over the campus. They may take a few extra steps in a direction, but anybody could use the exercise. The custodians and other students will appreciate it too.

The final problem I’m going to list relates to music. Everyone likes music. With that said however, they don’t necessarily like every kind of music. I’m sure that you have gone around and people are playing their music without headphones or so loud that you can hear it through their headphones. Most ignore it as they pass by, but it is still annoying. The solution: Wear headphones, and keep the volume low. It’s bad to listen to loud music anyway. It will make you go deaf. Did you know that a standard diesel truck passing by you is technically too loud?

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