Skiers and Snowboarders

Here at Central High School many kids enjoy skiing and snowboarding over the winter time. It’s a Colorado thing. Throughout the district hundreds of kids spend their weekends out on the slopes taking advantage of all the fresh powder. Something that makes that even better, is that here in Grand Junction we are 2-3 hours away from some of the best ski mountains in the world, and they’re right here in our own state. It’s a very common hobby for people of Colorado to either ski or snowboard. We live in a state that just fills its mountains with snow year after year. For more than 10 years Colorado has hosted the Winter X Games in Aspen. It goes to show how important this winter sport is to us. Many great skiers have come from Colorado and many come here to practice during the season. We are able to get some of the best snow anywhere which really motivates kids at Central High School to spend their winters skiing or snowboarding.

I was able to go out and interview two people for my story. One was a skier named Wade. I actually had the exciting experience of going up to Powderhorn and skiing with him. Wade has been skiing a long time and enjoys Powderhorn and Steamboat. We discussed the rush of skiing and how fun it is to carve down the mountain and hit fresh powder. Skiing for many people I talked to, said it was a good outlet if they were sad or irritated about something. It makes it easy to just go out and have fun for the day. Ryan, a snowboarder couldn’t agree more. He says it’s just pure fun to be up on the mountain. Ryan has also snowboarded for a long time and loves the consistent thrill of being on the mountain. He is also a big fan of Powderhorn.

This is just a small glimpse of the many skiers and snowboarders we have here at Central High School. Many kids spend their winter weekends on the mountain and many more get into the sport all the time.


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