The music department at CHS and what you can do to get more involved

ArticleThe music department at CHS is one of the best in the state. With our band, choir, orchestra, and drama program, we have a lot of fabulous musicians, singers, and actors. Of course, we owe a lot of it to our music and drama teachers, Mr. Dylan Ford, Mr. Stan Scott, Ms. Amber Campbell, and Ms. Amanda Meltzer. In the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year the music/theater department has a lot of events. It began with the Marching Band camp which began on 7/13 through 8/15.  On August 18th Ms. Meltzer began auditions for the fall musical “You’re a good man Charlie Brown”. On 9/10 the choir program had its fall concert which included Select Choir, Madrigals, Women’s, and Sounds. On the 29th the band program has a concert here at CHS.

After fall break the CHS marching warriors has state on the 22nd through the 24th of October in Denver. Honor orchestra is on the 13th and the 14th of November. The marching band will perform in the Parade of Lights in Downtown Grand Junction of December 5th. On the 8th of December band has their Winter Concert. On the 8th Choir has their final concert of the semester. Lastly, Orchestra finishes out the music department performances for the remainder of 2015.

Most students don’t realize that the music department does so many things throughout the year, partially because most of the school is so worried about the athletic department. However, the marching band plays at football games and during the boys basketball season Mr. Ford puts together a pep band to play. When asked why do you think it’s so important for students not involved in music to come out to the music department events, Mr. Scott responded, “To support every student in the school, not just the students involved in athletics.” A lot of the kids here at CHS are so absorbed with the sport events of the week because they are so advertised throughout the school that nobody really has time to wonder what band, choir, or orchestra performance is going on this week. At CHS the staff tries to make the student body interact like one big family. But how are we supposed to be like a family if we can’t support each other with ALL of the activities we have here at CHS?

All of our music classes have a significant part to our school and the atmosphere at CHS, when asked which part of the department (band, choir, orchestra, or theater) he  believed did the most for the schools reputation, Scott replied, ” Well of course they are all important, but probably the classes that are the most visible to the community. For example, the marching band does a lot of things such as the homecoming parade and  the parade of lights, as well as performing at football games. Or Sounds Sensations, we perform a lot outside of the school at resting homes and stuff like that.”

All of the music teachers here at CHS, including Ms. Meltzer, wishes they had more kids in the program. Its been proven that students involved in music or theater have higher GPA’s, higher test scores, are higher in class ranks, and are more likely to be involved in A.P classes. Also, even though our music program gains more and more musicians every year, the teachers still want the program bigger and better. When asked what he would suggest to get more kids involved inn music Mr. Scott responded, “Telling every kid to try it, just getting out there and trying something different. I’ve had kids who come in and join choir their senior year and at the end of the year they’re telling me that they wish they would have joined sooner because they have fallen in love with it.”

The music program at CHS is amazing, we are like one big family. We all interact. We all love and support each other when they need a little push or when they are having a hard time, we are always there for one another. If you ever thought about getting involved in choir, band, orchestra, or theater we would welcome you with open arms. Even if you aren’t interested in joining, you should come and support our music warriors just like you would your football warriors, or your softball warriors.

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