The New Walmart

There is a new building under construction across from central high school. For 6 or so months the new Walmart has been under construction, and is about to open. On November 11, the new Walmart local market will be opening its doors.  With the new store coming, most are wondering how this could affect the CHS students and staff.

The new 42,500 foot Walmart won’t be the same as the others, this one is a market which means that they won’t sell clothes or jewlery, just food and pharmaceuticals. This could be nice for central, freshman currently cannot leave campus for lunch because of the walking distance, with the new Walmart, that rule could change. Even if it doesn’t, having a store that close could still be beneficial to the rest of the students and teachers. Think about it, if you run out of candy for trick-or-treat street, you could easily run out and get more, or if you forget your lunch well that won’t be a problem anymore. Also the Walmart will have a 12 pump gas station. This could help students a lot, seeing that most seniors and a good amount of juniors drive to school.walmart136

Another pro to the new Walmart is the economic boost it could provide by creating almost 100 jobs. Who knows, they could even end up hiring some CHS students. Also, Walmart could go a long way to help CHS, first, the CHS choir will be preforming at the grand opening on the 11th, and this shows the willingness to collaborate with CHS. In addition, Local Walmart’s are allowed to give out up to 9 grants a year, some of these could go to support CHS and there clubs, sports, and organizations.

One issue that could arise from having the Walmart there is an increase in traffic going to the Walmart, also because the lot is so small, parking will be kind of limited, but there is a plan, the company will construct a sidewalk along E 1/2 Road and an underground storm water system to help mitigate storm water runoff. The site will have 173 parking spots, 27 more than is required by development codes. Traffic approaching the store from E 1/2 Road will turn right to enter and turn right to leave. Access also will also be along Warrior Way and the company will be building a median in the road. These will solve the new congestion on E ½ and Warrior Way.

Trey Downey had to say, “I think that having a new Walmart out here actually makes CHS look better, it makes it seem more developed. This could also bring in more development to the surrounding area which could be a good economic boost, but there could be an issue with kids ditching classes to go get food or just hang out at the new Walmart.”

Kyler Button (sophomore) said, “Having a new Walmart in the area is a cool addition, but they could have a big issue with shop lifting.”

Over all, this new Walmart could be a good thing for CHS and n the students and staff.

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