Tips and Tricks on Studying

Having to study can be a daunting task sometimes. you can scan through your text books and notes trying to absorb some knowledge. it seems impossible as hours go by and you just feel like you haven’t remembered one thing. it is to boring, trying, and disorganizing. so what can you do to help improve your future studying skills and ace your next test?

Some maybe surprised but you can find something that works for you to help remember what you were looking at. Move  around get up pace back and fourth or change up where you are sitting when you are studying. Studies show that every time we move around it forces our brain to develop new associations with the material we are looking at so our memory will be stronger. Another way to improve your memory and acing that test is to write it out multiple times. When we write out our notes multiple times in ways we can absorb over time your memory will be sharper and be confident with the materials you are studying. Studying also is something that you need to know what works for you. If you are an early bird studying in the morning with a friend can help or if you are a night owl and studying by yourself can work than do that finding a time where you can focus the best will be key.

Now for the vast majority of people studying is not enjoyable. just the thought of having to look at boring information doesn’t sound pleasing to anyone. How can we make this rigorous more expectable?  study’s show that having some fun can trigger you to concentrate. Enjoying a snack can help by treating yourself. take a same break dance around run around relive some of the stress and by the stress to the side.  Making a goal to study for a curtain amount of time and having a reward at the end can help stimulate and motivate you to study.

Studying isn’t enjoyable for anyone whether you are a high school student or a college student. finding your grove and letting this task work for you. So find what helps you whether color coating your notes, sitting in a room on your own and not being bothered, or having multiple breaks find something that helps you study and helps you ace the your next test or exam.

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