Trump Rally

As many of you know Donald Trump was here yesterday for a political rally. A political rally is a gathering at which people of similar political beliefs listen to speakers or musicians. Political rallies are often high energy events that are used to raise morale and support.

Donald Trump landed in Grand Junction, CO yesterday, October 18th. Thousands of people gathered around the airport hangar just to get a glimpse of who could be our next president. Polls are showing that he is falling further and further behind his competitor Hilary Clinton. “We Either we win this election or we lose the country,” Trump said to howling approval. “We are going to have one of the great victories in political history.” He promises real change if he becomes president.

He stopped in Grand Junction after his visit to Colorado Springs earlier that day. He’s making his way to the west coast where he will have his final presidential debate against Hilary on the 19th. Minutes after his plane landed, reporters and supporters flooded into the hangar chanting “USA!”. They grew stronger as Trump stepped off of his plane.

In his 50 minute speech, he talked about the “government of corruption” and he promises to “drain the swamp in Washington D.C. Trump outlined several ethical reforms, including five-year bans on government officials and Congress members from lobbying, lifetime bans on government officials lobbying for foreign governments and a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on elected officials. “We are going to have a new government that serves the people. It hasn’t done that in a long time.” He states.

Hitting a nerve on the Western slope,Trump promised to “unleash American energy,” tapping shale, oil, natural gas and coal by “getting rid of job-killing EPA regulations. We are going to put miners back in Colorado.

With Trump making all of these promises, will he be able to keep them and go through with the ideas? I guess we will find out soon.

Happy Voting!


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