Two Week Long Senior Trip in El Salvador?


Want to spend two weeks in the beautiful Central American country of El Salvador with your friends? Well with the help of ESNA (El Salvador North America) Village Network, an El Salvadoran non-profit organization devoted to economic development in the rural areas of their country, we here at Central are spearheading a new program with ESNA in an effort to send a busload of kids down south to aid in community service projects, to learn about the history of El Salvador itself and of Central America as a whole, about the problems they face, and most importantly, what we can do to help. All while participating in courses of intensive, useful spanish in an exciting, real-world classroom.

This kind of service/language trip can be very beneficial to those who want to stand out on college, scholarship, and even job applications! Schools and employers alike are becoming more and more interested in those students who go or study abroad. Whether it be for studies or volunteering, employers and recruiters are very interested in those who have seen more, experienced more, and can bring a different perspective to their organizations.

The proposed dates for the trip are March 9th-26th, which includes one week of classes (2.5 blocks of each class with a full schedule), and the entirety of our Spring Break.

While costs are always normally the biggest concern for students and parents, because of the low cost of life in El Salvador and ESNA’s network of volunteers, costs are being kept to a bare minimum, with approximately 75% of the cost going towards the round-trip plane tickets.

Estimates of costs and more information regarding the trip will be announced this coming week during 3 rounds of presentations in the small gym during advisory Tuesday the 13th, Wednesday the 14th, and Thursday the 15th.

Check with your senior advisory teacher to know on what day your class’s presentation will be. Or for more information find and talk to myself, Clayton Lowry (12), or Jacelyn O’Neill (12) as we are the student planners in charge of this project.

We hope to hear from you whether you are interested or simply have any questions. Tengas un buen día, amigos!

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