Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Valentine’s day the annual holiday celebrated on February 14th . Here in America we celebrate it with chocolates flowers and a date for our significant other. We make cards and celebrate each other on this day. Valentines day is the day to just appreciate our loved ones but what is this holiday like around the world?

Traditions vary from country to country. They all show a different way to show how you love. In Denmark recently just started celebrating Valentines day they embrace the tradition but put their own twist on it. Instead of sending roses to their significant other they send Sweethearts which are white pressed flowers to one another. From Denmark to South Korea Valentines day is huge among the youth. They start Celebrating on February and go till April showering their loved ones with gifts. They never seem to disappoint.

Other countries like the Philippines, France, and England all celebrate like we do. They do the traditional Roses and chocolates. The Philippines have the highest marriage rate and renewing vows on Valentines day. In France is the destination for romantics all over. This city of love celebrates this holiday with love showered over their spouses and with cards, food and presents to show how much they mean to them. In England women are more involved in the holiday. The night before Valentines day they place a Bay Leaf on each corner of their beds and the center to give them dreams of their future husband. Valentines day however is celebrated with chocolates and flowers from their significant other.

All around the world millions of people celebrate Valentines day to show how much the care for one another. Showing someone you care whether you are here at Central or Clear across the Globe Valentines day is a day for everyone just to show you care about one another.

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