For well over a year now, the Walmart neighborhood market has been across the street from Central High School, which has been a very good thing for many students. This provides a cheap source of food for students at the school, and they don’t even have to drive there. One problem with all of this, however, is that an established rule at the school is that freshmen aren’t allowed to leave school campus during school hours and lunch, but a lot of them do anyways. One way that the teachers try to solve this problem is to stand by the crosswalk and check the IDs of the students as they walk by to see if they can leave or not. This doesn’t always work though because the students usually find other ways to get by, and the teachers aren’t always there to check. Perhaps the big question to ask is why can’t freshman leave campus anyway? It seems like it’s causing a lot of problems to keep them on campus, when if they really want to leave they will usually find a way. Obviously, Freshmen are the least experienced and most irresponsible group of students at the school, but it really might be a waste to put in all the effort of keeping them on campus. It’s a problem that has been thought about a lot by the higher ups of the school, but it seems like a lot of rules need to be revised, and this might be one of them.

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