Warrior Athletes Ready To Roll!

Central High School has come a long way within the past four years.  Not only has some of the staff and many students changed but also the atmosphere of the school as a whole.  Much can be attributed to this, programs like C-ties and Student Senate has helped build the school up and bring more of a welcoming atmosphere to everyone. However one big part of our culture here at Central has changed the school the most, our athletes. Many athletes that attend Central are among some of the best in the state to compete in their respective sports. The attitude and the way they interact among other students shows how they are a different breed. Many of our athletes put in countless hours so that it can inspire others within their respective sports might do the same. These athletes set a whole new standard for work and the expectations as far as success. This attitude has become contagious and has proven that Central is no longer the beating post for the other teams in the valley and even in the state. The football team just two weeks ago played against Junction, a big hometown rival that we as a school hadn’t beat in the sport for many years. However through great determination and work the Warriors were able to bring home a win! Many may have had doubts that we could beat Junction however, talk is talk and it doesn’t matter until the game is over. Because of this attitude and the success that has come from it, the whole school has changed significantly and has raised that expectation bar even higher for the other athletes and teams. So I guess you could say that with how our fall athletes have been performing that all Warrior athletes are ready to roll and chase after big dreams that are now becoming reality.c what

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