Writers Block

Have you ever had to write a synthesis essay, personal narrative, short story, etc. But you can’t think of anything to write about? Me too, and many, many others have the same problem. There are some things you can do to help. Now usually for argument essays you are given a few pieces of evidence. Typically articles or pictures. Personal narratives I find quite easy, this is mainly because I remember the major events that happen in my live, good or bad. Now short stories are where i get stuck. Especially when they have to be related to a certain subject. Such as the student body, or school in general. There are few things that you can do. They are quite simple. Such as; go for a walk, listen to music, read and article or book, or get your blood flowing. In my situation i have to write a 300 word story about anything that can relate to the student body. That is why I am writing this. There are many students like me who have trouble with writers block. Short stories are hard in this case because of how specific the rules of the curriculum. This is the point where I don’t have any more ideas on what to say, even though I have 117 words left to write. The majority at this point would give up and say to their teacher something like. “I don’t know what else to write.” or just turn it in without a word, hoping that they get a decent grade, but I thankfully can somehow push through… kind of.

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